GN Hear & Now



It feels just a little premature to be writing an end of year message to you. Where has the year gone?

It has been a highly successful year for us at GN ReSound and Otometrics in Australia and New Zealand. From a ReSound perspective launching LiNX2 and then more recently Enya puts us in a position of having arguably the strongest product line up in the industry. Our valued customers have responded and LiNX2 is gaining piles of positive market and client feedback and although early days for Enya, its rocketing out the door as clinicians realise the benefits they can now deliver to their clients at the lower price points. And not to forget our friends at Otometrics who have had a stellar year, posting their best ever results since beginning trading in this part of the world. Otometrics is the gold standard for our industry and its success proves it's not out of fashion yet to invest in quality for your clinical practices.
I had somebody say to me recently “why all the fuss about moving buildings?”. It’s just a building move. Well if you saw where our Sydney team worked before we moved and then saw where we are now, you will understand why we get so excited about it. We now operate from the most modern streamlined and efficient plant in the industry in this region. Our company has invested heavily in the fit-out of this building to ensure we are really well placed to support our customers in the highest quality and efficient way, and it’s absolutely proving to be the case. So our excitement may have diminished a little now we are well settled, but we remain a happy bunch!
It just leaves me to thank all of our customers for your continued support. Without your support we don’t have a business and so I trust your faith in us is rewarded. Wishing you a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year season and I look forward to doing it all over again in 2015.