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As an area manager there isn't really a typical day. We can be in the air, on the road, in appointments or answering your phone and email enquiries.

Today my day starts at 5am in the morning. It’s still dark outside and you would think at this early hour the Melbourne traffic to the airport wouldn't be too bad, but in front it’s just a sea of red tail lights!

I walk into the familiar purple glow of the Virgin lounge and have a spare ten minutes before boarding, so it’s a good time to read emails that have come through overnight.

City of Churches
Arriving in Adelaide I make my way off the aeroplane, pick up my suitcase and my rental car. I know my way around Adelaide pretty well these days but having Google Maps on the phone is always a handy backup. But before I leave the car park, my phone is checked once more as it’s been switched off for the flight.

My first appointment of the day is spent training a recent graduate audiologist. This involves introducing them to the Resound range, the LiNX technology, connecting devices and software. They’re really enthusiastic and we spend quality time in a question and answer session.

Before the next appointment there’s time to open up the laptop and check over an upcoming presentation file to make a few changes.

Well connected
It’s also time to action a variety of emails. They range from simple technical questions, complex software questions, marketing requests and document checking for an upcoming product launch.

Then it’s off to my second client appointment where we discuss business and review proposals for joint client and ReSound marketing activity.

The final appointment of the day involves working with a client and an end-user to get to bottom of some connectivity issues. It’s a great opportunity to help solve the issues, show some features and pass on some knowledge tips to my client.
It’s then a rush back to the airport for my evening flight home to Melbourne.

The big announcement
Once again I’ve thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my Adelaide clients and I’m very excited to share with you the news of my appointment as ReSound Sales Manager Australia.  
Sadly this mean less time for me in Adelaide!

But wait  . . . there’s more
We are delighted to announce that Adelaide will be served with a new locally based Area Manager. But that’s not all - along with these new appointments ReSound is also recruiting for an Area Manager for Queensland and parts of NSW. 

This will bring our Australian Audiology Sales team to five, which is a reflection on the growth of our client partners and the great success of ReSound products.

If you would like more information about the position of Area Manager, please click here.

Until next time.

Kathryn Launchbury