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ReSound recently recognized the accomplishments of Jonathan Goerlach, an Australian para-triathlete that has overcome the challenges of Usher Syndrome to achieve excellence in his sport. Over the past three years, Mr. Goerlach has won the Para Duathlon World Championship, been ranked number one in Australia, and in the top five visually-impaired triathletes in the world, and named University of Canberra's "Elite Athlete of the Year."

Visually and hearing impaired, Jonathan suffers from Usher Syndrome Type II, meaning he has moderate hearing loss, no peripheral vision, is night-blind and has only tunnel vision. He has worn hearing aids since the age of three, and was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome at age 15.

ReSound is committed to supporting athletes like Jonathan, as well as the more than 300 million others around the world with hearing loss, through the development of the award-winning ReSound Smart Hearing and the ReSound LiNX2, the world's first and only full family of internet-connected hearing aids, giving users more choices to meet individual preferences and hearing loss needs.
"We are honored that competitors like Jonathan chose ReSound Smart Hearing to support his incredible performance, both in his sport and in his day-to-day life," said Allister Daly, General Manager GN ReSound Australia aNew Zealand. "His accomplishments, along with this week's close of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games serve as a reminder of the great successes that athletes of all abilities can achieve.

For additional information on Usher Syndrome, Jonathan, and his pursuit of a slot on the Australian team for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, please click here.

ReSound LiNX2 is the only internet-connected and Made for iPhone hearing aid available in a complete lineup of models allowing users the freedom to choose their preferred style. Since 2007, ReSound has applied directionality in a unique way that opens up sound for users and avoids "tunnel hearing".

See a short video on how Jonathan makes use of ReSound Smart Hearing, both on and off the track below or watch it on YouTube