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Audiologist Sue Jones has noticed a major shift in the way people perceive hearing aids. They no longer see them as being big and cumbersome or failing to work when there’s background noise. A lot of that, she says, is thanks to ReSound technology.

“Advances in hearing technology have helped to empower people with a hearing difficulty more than ever before. ReSound has been at the forefront of that change.”

Sue’s clients are amazed at how small and light ReSound hearing aids are.

“They’re incredibly discrete and comfortable.”

Comfort and aesthetics are just part of the story.

“ReSound gives the hearing aid user back control of their listening experience. They’re able to connect better with others, and feel better about themselves.”

Take the direct connectivity available with ReSound’s Smart 3D app for example.

It allows Sue’s clients to have their hearing aid settings changed remotely, anywhere, any time.

“They don’t need to come into my clinic. I can alter their hearing aid settings, answer questions and troubleshoot any issues, regardless of where they happen to be.”

If a client is having difficulty hearing because of the environment they’re in, Sue can make changes to their hearing aid features and settings in real time.

The whole issue of background noise is also a thing of the past.

“ReSound hearing aids block out the background noise you find in busy environments, like offices or cafes. Users can adjust their hearing aid settings from the smart phone to suit the location.”

Users can set regularly visited spots as favourites and the ReSound Smart 3D app will change the setting automatically.

Sue rates ReSound’s family of hearing aids and accessories as the best and most comprehensive in the market.

“The technology is there, ready to be used and improve outcomes. It’s great for clinicians. It’s great for our clients.”

ReSound Smart Hearing is the only inter-connected and Made for iPhone hearing aid that comes in a complete line-up of models that allows users the freedom to choose their preferred style.

ReSound Smart Hearing solutions are available through a global network of hearing professionals.

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