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Welcome to our In Your Ear newsletter once again. It’s our hope that you get value from this and it’s not becoming just another piece of junk mail sneaking through your spam filter and into your inbox! We would love to get your feedback on this publication to make sure it remains relevant for you, so if you have anything to comment on, constructive or not, please let us know.

By now you will have seen or at least heard about our very latest product innovation to be launched into the market. ReSound LiNX 3D is a genuinely impressive step forward in the level of benefit delivered to hearing aid wearers. ReSound has taken its time over bringing this latest innovation to the market because it is such a significant step up in functionality and capability.

We will be referring to our new offering as a hearing ecosystem because of the holistic approach we are taking. A lot of research has been carried out, resulting in white papers being publicly available supporting our claims that with ReSound LiNX 3D:

  • Your clients will hear up to 50% better than other premium hearing aids* at identifying speech in various environments.

  • Your clients can hear 80% more of the sounds around you.

  • They will understand 40% more speech in noise*.

  • The new super-fast, redesigned fitting software platform offers much less time behind your computer enabling much more time in face to face client interaction.

  • And ReSound Assist, the first full remote fine tuning system, allows full access to hearing aid adjustments without the need for your client to return to your clinic.

(*bench-marked against premium hearing aids from 5 manufacturers)

Regardless of what sector of our industry you work in, ultimately we all share a common goal of enabling people to live fuller and better lives through having improved hearing. We believe ReSound LiNX 3D will help you to achieve that better than any other product you have previously worked with.

From our perspective the industry is having interesting times. In Australia we see the review of the OHS funding system by PWC and we all can speculate what the outcome of that will be. In New Zealand Enable have also taken time to look at how the hearing budget can stretch a bit further. It’s a western world issue for all governments.
How do they meet the growing demand for health services when the over 60 year old population is growing and governments have more peoples needs to satisfy? Government coffers are under pressure with escalating debts and a need to contain health spend. There is no more money but increasing demand. We believe the operators who navigate successfully through these issues are those who gear their products and services to greater efficiency, higher service standards and focus on the private sector.

This is a ReSound strategy and its increasingly important that you hitch your wagon to partners who get this, and gear their support to help you work in this environment.
Life at ReSound is busy right now. Launching this level of product to the industry takes time, planning and resource so we have been doing our share of running around the place of late.

Let’s not forget the constant focus we have on being the best manufacturer for you to work with. I trust that you feel and recognise the steps forward we are making right across our business are to enable us to provide you with the best hearing solutions from the best hearing company in the best possible way.
Enjoy reading our latest newsletter edition. I do hope it brings you knowledge and value.

Allister Daly 
Managing Director, ReSound ANZ