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Would you like to offer your clients a brilliant sound experience and confidence in the finer details? ReSound LiNX Quattro is our newest, most premium hearing aid on the market.

A new hearing aid beyond compare

ReSound LiNX Quattro, our newest premium hearing aid, is beyond compare with richer sound quality, unrivalled streaming, unique support and intuitive rechargeability – all in one solution. 

Thanks to our new high-performing chip platform, the highest input dynamic range in the market, 116 dB SPL and 9.5 kHz frequency bandwidth, your clients will be able to appreciate the moments that matter most with brilliant sound quality in the environments they enjoy and when streaming from any audio device. 

Read more about our four key benefits:

Exclusive hearing care 

With ReSound Assist you’ll be able to provide exclusive hearing care wherever your clients are and by using the ReSound Smart 3D app, they can optimize and personalize their sound experience in any environment. Learn more about ReSound Assist.

The world’s longest-lasting rechargeable solution

Your clients will be able to rely on their rechargeable hearing aids for more than a full day of power – even when streaming phone calls, TV and music, so they can feel confident all day.  Learn more about rechargeability.