GN Hear & Now



  • Ms. Anderson is a 30 year old Marketing executive, who comes in for advice.  
  • She has been experiencing tinnitus for the past 4 months.
  • She goes clubbing very often and feels like she has lost some hearing.
  • The symptoms are starting to affect her daily work and conversations.
  • She doesn’t want anything too obvious, aesthetics are important to her.
  • She’s happy to spend some money on the aids, and she only wants the best of the best.

 What level of technology do you recommend and why?

LiNX2 9 as this is Made For iPhone and compatible with all wireless accessories, which will make her work life a lot easier. With the correct Apple or Android phone, she will be able to use the ReSound Smart app to discreetly change to a TSG program when needed. And if she downloads the ReSound Relief app, she will be able to stream Tinnitus relief audio directly to her hearing aids if she has a compatible Apple phone, or via the Phone Clip+ for any other phone.

LiNX2 9 also has all the most advanced directionality and comfort features, such as Spatial Sense and Binaural Environmental Optimizer, ideal for Mrs. Anderson’s active lifestyle.

What type of device would be best for Ms. Anderson?

61 RIE device with Low Power receiver, as custom devices are not suitable, RIE Low Power with open domes is all she needs.