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At Customer Care there is no question too great or too small. We love it when we can answer your questions or resolve your issues on the spot, though we also enjoy investigating the ‘curly’ cases and working to find the solution. The most common requests surround custom orders, specifically estimated times of arrival (ETA’s) to the clinic.

We understand our customers have little to no visibility on when their order will arrive, which can be especially difficult when you are trying to book the client for a fitting appointment, or they are calling you regularly to find out when they will get their moulds or custom hearing aid. We would like to empower you to put your client’s mind at ease by outlining the production process, and offer advice on how to calculate the turn-around time.

To give you an idea of how long the production of a custom order will take, here are our standard production times, from when we receive the order to when it is shipped.

  • Ear Moulds and HearSavers: 8 days
  • Custom hearing aids: 5 days

As our production times do not take shipping into account, we recommend that new impressions are sent with a courier or register the parcel so you are able to track your item and keep an eye on the delivery process.

If you were to call enquiring about a custom order for your client, the estimated shipping date will depend on a few variables:

  • When did we receive the order? Some internal cut-off times may cause the order to begin production the following day. If you require an order by a specific date, please record this on your order and we will contact you if the required date is not achievable with the standard production time to discuss your options.
  • Is the order complete? In the event we receive an incomplete order, it will be placed on hold until all required information is received from the customer. Required information includes shipping, customer, and patient details, product specifications etc. To avoid these kinds of delays, simply provide us with all information when prompted on the order form or online ordering system.
  • Do we have stored images available? We save stored images for two years after receiving the new impression, using the mould/device serial number. If you are unsure if there is a stored image available for your client, we are more than happy to check the client’s order history and provide the serial numbers.
  • Is the product possible for the client? Sometimes the specifications of a product are not possible due to the shape and/or size of the ear. For example, high power receivers are larger in size than low and medium power receivers; a canal may be too small to fit a high power receiver. In this event the order will be placed on hold and we will work with you to provide the best possible solution for your client.

With a better understanding of our turnaround times and delivery processes, hopefully now your visibility on this subject has increased and you are better equipped with the right information to advise your customer. Together we can continue making life sound better!

Hayley Roberts, Customer Care Consultant ANZ

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