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Our Technical Support team always aims to provide useful insights on product development, support, and innovation. One of the most common asked enquiries on features of ReSound Smart Fit 1.2 is the application for Environmental Optimizer II.

What is the Environmental Optimizer?

Environmental Optimizer II improves hearing abilities across multiple listening environments and has been correlated to high satisfaction with hearing devices. The Environmental Optimizer II provides amplification for optimum speech understanding and comfort for loud sounds.

The Environmental Optimizer II was developed to meet the dynamic listening demands of the hearing device user – overall gain levels are automatically adjusted to the user’s preferred settings for different acoustic environments. What sets this ReSound technology apart is that it arranges amplification levels differently depending on both the specific listening situation and the individual preferences of each hearing aid wearer.

The highly sophisticated and accurate classification system in Environmental Optimizer II allows for the user to experience the best possible hearing regardless of the situation. 

Some common questions we’re received regarding the Environmental Optimizer II applications are:

Q: Where do I find this feature?
The feature can be located on the Fit Screen, under Tools.

Q: What does this feature do?
A: The Environmental Optimizer II classifies sounds into seven different environments:

  • Quiet
  • Speech (Soft)
  • Speech (Loud)
  • Speech in Noise (Soft)
  • Speech in Noise (Loud)
  • Noise (Moderate)
  • Noise (Loud)

Q: How does the Environmental Optimizer II classify the different environments?
The hearing devices analyse the environment around you, assessing not only the input level, but also the signal to noise ration. For example, a steady input level of 70dB would be classified as a Noise (moderate) environment; however, if speech was also detected in the mix, devices will make adjustments to account for a Speech in Noise (Moderate) environment.

Q: Can the Environmental Optimizer II program be specific?
A: It can be individually tailored to different programs if required.

Q: How does the Environmental Optimiser II work?
Environmental Optimizer II adjusts automatically to changing environments. A hearing aid wearer might prefer to enhance or downplay aspects of a sound in a given listening situation. For example, perhaps they want to adjust the sound differently for listening to music than for talking on the phone.

It also allows you as a clinician, flexibility to fine tune the device to your clients’ preferences and needs at follow-up appointments. Clients can think of the feature as an overall gain adjustment – like a volume control on the remote control.

Q: When would I use the Environmental Optimizer II?

  1. It is recommended that you keep the Environmental Optimizer II settings as the default setting during the first fit. However, there are two exceptions to this rule:
  • It is recommended to place “Quiet” at 0 if the client reports hearing too many environmental sounds in the clinic room
  • If Occlusion is an issue, it is recommended to use “Speech (Loud)” as the occlusion manager. Try decreasing by -1dB or -2dB increments to start with.

Environmental Optimizer II is a great feature to adjust for follow up or fine-tuning appointments. The feature allows you to troubleshoot without having to compromise on other benefits.

Example situations:

The advantages of the Environmental Optimizer II are expansive, however, can be taken a step further when the client also has access to Noise Tracker II per environment. This feature utilises the same underlying Environmental Classifier feature, adjusting the levels of noise reduction across the same 7 different listening environments. These two features working together give even more comfort for the client in those more challenging listening environments, and more personalisation and fine-tuning options for you as a clinician.

We sincerely love helping our customers and it’s our hope this guide has shown you a new avenue on the fantastic ReSound Environmental Optimizer II.

If you ever have any technical issues please call Technical Support on AU: 1800 658 955 or NZ: 0800 900 126.

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