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"Men are more likely to need hearing aids, but women are more likely to wear them" - Dr. Charles Limb, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Reluctant male behaviour
According to a study conducted by John Hopkins University, men are five and a half times more likely than women to develop hearing loss as they age, starting as young as 20. Out of the 28 million Americans with hearing loss, over 60% of them are men.

Limb pointed out that risk factors like cardiovascular disease and smoking are more prevalent among men and could contribute to hearing loss, but that men are more likely to be in situations of high noise exposure -- working in construction, for example, or being in the military -- and less likely to use earplugs or protect themselves otherwise.

study published by the American Journal of Medicine also found that regular use of aspirin, acetaminophen and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs increased the risk of hearing loss in adult men younger than 60.

Eventually age balances it all out
After the age of 80, the prevalence of hearing loss in men and women evens out. That being said, there are still notable differences between the two sexes in regard to how they are affected by hearing loss. Women lose hearing in the lower frequencies first, meaning they have more trouble understanding vowels. Men, on the other hand, lose hearing in the higher frequencies, meaning they have more problems understanding consonants.

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