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The upcoming Hearing Awareness Week, hosted by the members of the Deafness Forum of Australia and the National Foundation of the Deaf in New Zealand, is an opportunity to raise community awareness of hearing impairment and ways to protect your hearing.

This annual event provides an opportunity for the people aged 15 and over who have a hearing impairment to share their experiences and knowledge and help create a greater understanding of their needs, aspirations and contributions they can make to our society.

One in six Australians is deaf or hearing impaired or has a chronic ear disorder and in New Zealand, it is predicted that by 2050 one in four New Zealanders will have hearing loss - up from one in six.

Stay tuned for upcoming events during this week to be announced!

25th February 2018 - 3rd March 2018
Hearing Awareness Week Australia

New Zealand 
3rd March 2018 - 9th March 2018
Hearing Awareness Week New Zealand