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With the launch of our latest product family, ReSound LiNX 3D in May 2017, we think it might be time to provide you with some examples to show you how this new standard in the hearing care industry, and latest innovation in terms of tele-audiology can add even more value to your service offering as a hearing care professional. The ReSound LiNX 3DTM family consists of RIE, BTE and Custom models, in three technology levels, to suit every patient’s hearing needs and preferences. Together with this new product line up, comes our new fitting software platform, ReSound Smart FitTM .

ReSound Smart Fit has been designed to make fitting fast, easy and comfortable for both you and your patient. Whether you have been a loyal ReSound fitter for years, or you are only just starting to explore our range of hearing solutions, ReSound Smart Fit will get you started on that first ReSound LiNX 3D fitting, even if you missed out on an introductory training session with your Area Manager or Product Specialist beforehand. For your patients, wearing a ReSound LiNX 3D hearing aid also means they now have access to the latest new hearing aid app, ReSound Smart 3DTM, available for several Apple and Android devices, from the App Store or Google Play store. This app will give the hearing aid user all the freedom they need to adjust both the basic and more advanced hearing aid settings on the go, wherever they are and whenever they need it. If adjusting those hearing aid settings doesn’t give the user the outcome they were looking for, or they would like a more permanent change to the hearing aid programming, ReSound AssistTM is there to help out. ReSound Assist is our latest new remote fine-tuning solution, which has its roots in the ReSound Smart 3D app, connecting it to effortlessly to the ReSound Smart fit software on your end. GN Online Services is the cloud-based solution behind the scenes, which makes all of this possible, and safe. Once you have registered yourself or your business on GN Online Services, you can start using and offering ReSound Assist in your clinic. Hearing aid users can reach out to you, using the ReSound Smart 3D app, whenever they feel they need just that little bit more assistance. You will receive a notification of this request for assistance in your ReSound Smart Fit software, and you’ll be able to see exactly what it is your patient needs, based on a very useful, informative but concise questionnaire. After exploring these patient comments, you can then make the required fine-tuning adjustments, as you usually would in clinic, but now the ReSound LiNX 3D hearing aids won’t be there and connected, and you’ll be sending the fitting across to the patient over the internet. To give you a more in depth information to how all these key elements interconnect, I’m describing a ReSound LiNX 3D fitting below, where both the clinician and end user have signed up to use ReSound Assist. Overall, the flow of an entire remote fine-tuning looks like this:

1) GN Online Services registration & login

The first step towards implementing ReSound Assist is to register your business for GN Online Services. This registration is done online and only takes a few minutes. All you need is your ReSound account number and details such as name, address, etc. If you are part of a larger group of clinics, it is probably worth double checking with your company to ask about the appropriate setup for you.

All the steps involved in this registration can easily be followed in our GN Online Services brochure. Check out to order both digital and physical copies of all marketing material for your clinic.

Once you have registered, and you know your username and password, you can now sign in to GN Online Services via ReSound Smart Fit, our fitting software platform. You’ll find the login in the right top corner of your screen. You need to be signed in to be able to use ReSound Assist with your clients. It’s as easy as logging on to any email or social media account!

    2) Remote Fine-Tuning (RFT) activation in ReSound Smart Fit  

    Now that you’re signed in to GN Online Services, you have the opportunity to use ReSound Assist with those clients that are interested. The only thing left to do is to activate Remote Fine-Tuning for those clients that want to be able to use this service. You can activate Remote Fine-Tuning in the software, separately for each client, in their specific Noah or fitting file.

    You’ll see the on-off switch in the right top corner of the ‘ReSound Assist’ tab, under ‘Patient’. Simply slide it to ‘on’, to offer this particular client access to ReSound Assist. You’ll notice that you can only do this when the hearing aids are connected to the software, so this decision is probably something you would make together with your client, in clinic. You can decide to activate Remote Fine-Tuning at the first fit, or you can activate it any time after, during a follow up appointment, whatever feels more natural.

    Remember that you don’t have to use ReSound Assist with all your clients. With ReSound LiNX 3D hearing aids, you have the opportunity to do so, but if it doesn’t suit this patient’s needs or lifestyle, then just simply continue your hearing aid fitting like you usually would!

  1. 3) Patient consent in ReSound Smart Fit

  2. When you and your client decide you want to start using ReSound Assist and activate Remote Fine-Tuning, you’ll have to complete a patient consent form in ReSound Smart Fit. This consent outlines that the client is agreeing to their hearing and fitting data being shared between you and them, using GN Online Services as a safe and secure cloud-based platform. The patient consent is accessed via the Hamburger menu in the fitting software, in the right top corner of your screen.

  3. You walk your patient through the consent and follow the flow by clicking ‘Start consent’, and ‘Agree’ twice in a row. In the last section of the consent, you’ll need to enter the client’s email address, so a copy of this consent will be emailed to them for record keeping. For those clients who don’t have an email address, you can also enter your own email address, and then print out the consent form for them instead.

     4) ReSound Smart 3D app installation & consent

    Once you saved your first (or follow up) fitting, you’re now almost ready to let the client go home and experience what it is like to have access to hearing assistance anywhere, anytime. The next step is for your client to complete, but it is highly recommended that you guide them through this, together in clinic, for a hands on “first time demo”.

    Install the ReSound Smart 3D app onto their Smartphone, from Google Play or App Store. You can always find an up to date list of compatible Smartphones and devices on

    For Apple devices, remember that the hearing aid pairing happens first in the Settings menu of the phone. For Android, you simply open the ReSound Smart 3D app right away, and it will guide you through the pairing process. When opening the app for the very first time, the client consents to the overall Terms & Conditions to start using it.

    5) Sending an Assistance request via ReSound Smart 3D app

    Now that the app is installed and the ReSound LiNX 3D hearing aids are paired, your client is ready to start adjusting the basic and more advanced settings of their hearing aids.

    Whenever they feel they may need just a little more support, or a more permanent settings change in the hearing aids, they are able to send an Assistance Request in the ReSound Assist section of the app. Click ‘ Request Assistance’ and simply follow the flow and guidance within the app, and you’ll find out soon how easy this is.

    6) Receiving a notification in the Cloud icon

    When a client sends you a request for assistance via their ReSound Smart 3D app, you will receive a notification in the Orange Cloud symbol that appeared in the bottom right corner of your desktop after you registered for GN Online Services.

    You can see all new Assistance request appearing once you click on the Orange Cloud. From there, you can open ReSound Smart Fit to assist your client with a Remote Fine-Tuning.

  4. 7) Complete the Remote Fine-Tuning, send the settings to the cloud & close the request

  5. In the patient’s fitting file, go to the ‘ReSound Assist’ tab under ‘Patient’, where you will find the timeline or overview of Assistance Requests. You’ll also see any in clinic sessions, or Remote Fine-Tuning sessions you may have already completed in the past.

    In the timeline you’ll find the new Assistance Request and you’ll be able to read the Assistance Questionnaire and the personal message that your client has entered in the ReSound Smart 3D app. Based on this information, you click ‘Actions’, then ‘Start an Assist Fine-Tuning session’, which will bring your right to the Fitting screen, where you can make any fine-tuning adjustments, just like you usually would during an in-clinic follow up appointment. Note that the hearing aids are not connected, since the client is not there with you, but at home, or anywhere where they felt they needed your assistance with their hearing aid settings!

    Once you’ve made the required adjustments, you simply click ‘Save’ and then ‘Send Settings’.

    You’ll be able to write a personal message back to your client and send the new settings across to the ReSound Smart 3D app, via the cloud-based GN Online Services platform.

    After completing this, just make sure you don’t forget to close this request in the patient’s timeline, now that you’ve looked after it. Your clients will only be able to send you up to five Assistance requests, before receiving a message that their Hearing Care Professional will look into these requests first before they can proceed sending a sixth one. This is to assure that you don’t get inundated with requests, and that you have plenty of time to provide an adequate service to all of your clients. It also makes it easier for you to follow on the timeline which requests have been taken care of, and which ones are still open for more attention.  

    8) Install the new settings via ReSound Smart 3D app

    The very last step in this ReSound Assist process is for your client to install the new settings that have been received in ReSound Smart 3D. They will see a notification pop op on the main screen of their Smartphone or just in the app itself, pending their “Notification settings” for the app in the Settings menu of their phone.

    From there on, they go in to “My requests and new settings” and again just follow the installation flow within the app to install the new settings onto their ReSound LiNX 3D hearing aids. And with this last step, we have now gone through an entire ReSound Assist Remote Fine-Tuning process from A to Z! Hopefully this spiked your interest and gives you the confidence you needed to try out your first ReSound LiNX 3D fitting and perhaps even a Remote Fine-Tuning! Feel free to reach out to our friendly Customer Care & Technical Support team to find out more.

    Happy fitting!

    Valerie Smets
    ReSound, Product Manager, ANZ