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ReSound is excited to announce the launch of its new essential hearing range Enya™.

With ReSound Enya, you can now offer your clients excellent sound quality and speech understanding in noise – indoors and out at an entry level price level. With a full line up of discreet, durable RIE, BTE and custom designs, ReSound Enya is for everyone with a mild to severe-to-profound hearing loss. Offering advanced hearing technology features and benefits, you can now offer your clients a complete essential hearing solution.

For the first time ever at this price level, ReSound’s industry-leading 2.4 GHz wireless technology lets your clients stream stereo sound from their TVs and mobile devices. The free ReSound Control app provides your clients subtle control of hearing aids direct from their smart phones.

Adaptive Directionality
An advanced directional microphone system
cancels out loud sounds behind the wearer,
reducing background noise and improving
forward-facing focus – especially on speech.
​Dual microphone signal processing accurately
identifies and reduces wind noise in outdoor
Noise Tracker II
Unique spectral subtraction technology reduces unwanted noise without degrading the speech signal.
DFS Ultra II
The adaptive filter accurately identifies and cancels feedback. At the same time, the built-in Whistle Control™ predicts feedback and optimises amplification in dynamic situations.

New SureFit™ System

ReSound Enya™ BTE and RIE designs use the new SureFit™ system for thin tubes, receivers and domes. SureFit™ receivers are smaller but deliver improved performance in gain and output levels – from low power to ultra power – ensuring a better acoustic fit. And, the SureFit™ dark, opaque dome system fits comfortably and discreetly into the ear canal.

Isolate Nanotech 

Every individual component that goes into ReSound Enya™ is coated with iSolate™ nanotech to repel water, dust, earwax and sweat. Even the new SureFit™ receivers are protected to ensure long-lasting performance.


We prioritise an easy fitting process, so you can spend your valuable time counseling clients. For example, wireless fitting means no cables to sort out. New streamlined receivers are more intuitive to work with, and identical domes for thin tubes and receivers mean fewer spare parts. Every detail counts when it comes to supporting your business.

Aventa™ 3.9 offers an intuitive workflow and excellent first fit protocol. Pair it with Airlink™ 2, our latest 2.4 GHz wireless fitting accessory, and you and your clients can enjoy comfortable,
non-intrusive sessions without any cables.
Please note: Effective 26th October 2015, all ReSound Alera 2, Vea 3 and Alera 4 Models will no longer appear on order forms / order systems or pricelists. Stock will remain available for any repairs / insurance needs.

For more information on ReSound Enya, feel free to contact your local Area Manager. As always, our friendly Customer Service, Technical Support and Marketing teams are also available to provide support where required.