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ReSound are excited to introduce a range of new and improved consumables across Australia along with a brand-new consumables order form.

Wax Guard Filters

Our latest Wax Guard Filters include a new gauze for the filter which repels more moisture, dirt and cerumen than before. This allows the filter to last longer before they get clogged and need replacing. These new filters will be available for the same price as the current model.

To tell the difference between the old model verse new model, we have changed the colour of the gauze from white to black per below image.

SureFit & SureFit 2 Sports Lock

The latest Sports Lock is a new two-piece design consists of a durable clip and a tail made from the same pliable material as our current Sure Fit sports locks. The new sports lock assembly will remain secure to the receiver body longer than previous sports locks made entirely of softer, more flexible plastics. This will result in an extended lifespan for the sports lock.

Any other differences?

There are now two sports locks available for HP receivers – Right and Left. This is due to the asymmetrical shape of the receiver housing. We have included “L” or “R” is moulded onto the outside of the clip on the opposite side of the tail so it is easy to spot which one you have.

On the LP & MP versions, there is an “L” or “M” moulded in the same spot as above.

These new Sports Lock are available at the same price as the current model. Please note, legacy 2-pin receivers are not affected by this new product.


We have redesigned the packaging of our batteries so in the coming weeks, keep an eye out for a clean fresh design arriving with orders. We are continuing to offer the same batteries the only change is the packaging. The batteries are the same cost as the current model.

If you have any queries about the new products please contact your local Area Manager.

Australia Only - to view and download the order form, please Click Here