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ReSound are pleased to announce the release of their latest version of the ReSound Relief App. The new update includes improved functionality and increased information for a better user experience.

ReSound Relief App

Whats new in the update?

"What's Tinnitus"

An informative section on the causes and therapies for for tinnitus.

Improved Timer & Balance Functionality

Refreshed layout with titles and icons to assist the user experience. There is also a new countdown timer so that a user knows when it is active and the remaining time left.

New menu layout

Coping with your tinnitus and Sound library are now placed in the top of the main menu for easier access.

Soundscape reorganisation 

Soundscapes, available in the sound library or in the download section, will now be organized alphabetically for easier selection.

The new ReSound Relief app is now availble for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Go ahead and download the app today.