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At GN Hearing we strive to maintain the best possible product portfolio and hearing ecosystem to support the needs of end users and hearing care professionals.

Over the past few weeks and months we have made some adjustments to the ReSound Product Portfolio as listed below. Please kindly ensure your systems are updated accordingly.

  1. NEW
    The recent Introduction of the new and exciting addition to our hearing ecosystem and comprehensive product portfolio – ReSound LiNX Quattro
    The re-classification of ReSound Enya 3 family (excluding RIE & CIC models) to the fully subsidised category on the Hearing Services Program
    The following product families will be discontinued effective 31 October 2018: ReSound Verso, ReSound Lex, ReSound Enya 2.  

*Please note the following for discontinued products:

  • Limited stock availability
  • No new orders will be fulfilled post discontinued date
  • Enya 2 has been removed from the Hearing Service Portal effective 1 September 2018
  • Verso 7 will be removed from the iCare List effective 1 November 2018
  • Refer to GN Hearing Australia Pty Ltd Discontinued Product Policy for further details

If you have any queries, or would like further information feel free to contact your local Area Manager or our friendly Customer Care team.

Click here for the GN Hearing Australia Discontinued Product Policy
Click here for the current ReSound Product Portfolio
Click here for more about the Hearing Service Program
Contact us for the latest copy of the GN Hearing Pricelist

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