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Within Audiology, it is widely recognised that after the initial fitting appointment, many clients with hearing aids will discontinue using them and this is based on numerous factors such as:

  • Limited availability to visit the clinic
  • Unable to take time off work
  • Health-related reasons

Rupp (2014) highlights that in the health industry, client outcomes are impacted by how much involvement they have and how empowered they feel throughout the whole process. Rupp also recognises that with an increasing need to have an online presence, we expect to receive the advice and assistance we require no matter where we are. Therefore removing the need to physically attend appointments in-person.

Within the hearing industry, providing clients with greater involvement and interaction is highly likely to improve their user satisfaction where the use of devices is concerned. How can this be achieved?

In 2017, ReSound successfully launched the LiNX 3D and ENZO 3D range along with the Smart 3D app which provides hearing aid users with access to hearing care anywhere at any time via a cloud-based system. The ReSound Assist feature within the app, utilises remote fine-tuning capabilities and allows the client to download hearing aid adjustments into their devices providing more speech clarity and better intelligibility in noisy environments.


It is very simple and straightforward to enable the ReSound Assist feature. Hearing care professionals create a login via the GN Online Services (GNOS) portal, which is instantly approved. Within the portal itself, there is a brand new dashboard offering beneficial metrics data including details on site locations, additional users and client information. In line with measuring client outcomes, the metrics data proves to be highly beneficial as this helps to identify user success rate and how satisfied they are with their hearing aids. How this information is applied within the clinic is a personal preference, however, a couple of key examples include viewing clinic performance and how well the clinician’s fittings are being perceived.

Using the GNOS login in the highly intuitive ReSound Smart Fit software; the clinician has the ability to enable the remote fine-tuning feature: ReSound Assist. Following completion of the initial fitting, the client is ready to experience the World’s first telehealth solution that allows for any adjustments possible, whether it be an addition of a specific program or gain reduction.

Let’s say the client has experienced ReSound hearing aids in their own personal situations and feels that they would benefit from an adjustment. What do they need to do? Within My ReSound, a component within the ReSound Smart 3D app, they can request assistance and begin to define and delve into the situations where they would like a change to be made. They can also type a message to give the clinician a better understanding of what is happening. Once the request has been submitted, the clinician will be notified.

The clinician can view the request and see an overview of what the client selected and typed within the app. The request can then be actioned, in which the necessary adjustments are made. When the settings are saved, the client receives a notification on their phone to inform them they have new settings, and can begin to download the changes into the hearing aids.

A new addition to the app is Rate my sound. Following the fitting appointment, clients can rate their sound experiences. In the event that the client is dissatisfied, they will be prompted with the option to elaborate, where they can use ReSound Assist to provide additional information. This enables clients to submit details in real—time and can also enhance communication and support between the clinician and the client.

It is important to understand the impact of changes amongst hearing aid technology. ReSound conducted research amongst hearing aid users and found that additional functionality such as apps may certainly drive a client’s decision-making when selecting a particular product (Hallenbeck and Groth, 2016).  Not only is the ReSound Smart 3D app user-friendly and visually appealing, the added option of remote fine-tuning contributes to providing even greater interaction.

If you would like to know more about LiNX 3D, ENZO 3D and the ReSound Smart 3D app, please contact your local Area Manager or Product Specialist.  

Angela Soor, Area Manager NSW


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