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Stay connected and current with ReSound Assist and ReSound Smart Fit

Stay updated with the latest fitting software and our remote hearing care solutions. Given recent lock downs, ReSound Assist (asynchronous) and ReSound Assist Live (synchronous) is an convenient way to keep in touch and support with your customers safely

    ReSound Assist

    ReSound Assist Live

    • Easy remote fine-tuning via the Smart 3D App
    • Receive real-time client feedback in their chosen environment
    • Enjoy greater convenience, flexibility and satisfaction for you and your clients 
    • Provide a real-time, video-enabled remote hearing care service
    • Offer the broadest range of services to those unable to visit their clinic
    • Wide range of fitting and fine-tuning adjustments available including feedback calibration


    Use ReSound Assist (Live) with ReSound ONE, LiNX Quattro, LiNX 3D, ENZO Q, ENZO 3D and ReSound Key devices .


    ReSound Smart Fit 1.11 Update 2 is now available – Service Notice – July 2021

    We continuously strive to improve the total hearing experience for you and your clients and appreciate your great feedback to improve the fitting experience which we build the ongoing updates upon.
    ReSound Smart Fit has been updated to take another step to provide you with the best possible user experience for fitting ReSound hearing instruments. This update includes:

    • General improvements to detecting and connecting hearing instruments for increased consistency across all fitting environments with single and multiple fitting stations.
    • Update to firmware functionality to improve reliability and ease-of-use throughout the firmware update process
      - Resolves the potential challenge for resetting gains to the initial fit after a major firmware update.
    • You will only receive prompts for essential firmware updates to ensure continuous use. You can always access non-essential firmware updates by clicking “Check for Updates” in the “Help” menu at the top of the fitting screen.

    Always have the best version of ReSound Smart Fit at hand faster with the new Web Update function for Smart Fit 1.11 installs

    • If you already have Smart Fit 1.11 installed and allow web updates, you will be notified by the system tray icon in the bottom right corner going forward when a Smart Fit update is available. Upon clicking this icon, the update process will be initiated automatically.
    • The Web Update enables a faster installation showing the real-time progress during the update installation.

    Immediate update to ReSound Smart Fit 1.11 Update 2: is recommended if you already have Smart Fit 1.11 installed to take advantage of these benefits. The update is accessible directly from your ReSound Smart Fit. Just click “Check for Updates” in the “Help” menu at the top of the fitting screen.

    Download today: For faster download speed we recommend downloading from My Service Hub on on OR ReSound Support Site.

    If you have any questions about ReSound Smart Fit and the new updates, please contact please contact your GN Sales Representative or our Technical Support team (02) 9111 5590

    Kind regards,
    The GN Hearing team 

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