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In this article we will discuss the launch of the new ReSound LiNX 3D, and how it fits into a new system which will help your clients to hear more than they ever thought possible, have an enhanced hearing and fitting experience, and benefit from hearing care wherever they are.

For your clients to hear more than they ever thought possible, it is important to have the best form of sound processing. At the centre of this is ReSound LiNX 3D, providing a complete smart hearing system.

The focus of ReSound’s sound processing strategy is based on the principle of creating a natural listening experience for your clients, giving them access to the environment around them. The user is then better able to select the sounds that are important to them, instead of the devices choosing what they think is the most important. This claim has been put to the test, with results showing that ReSound LiNX 3D is up to 50% better than other premium hearing aids at identifying speech in various environments. Clients can also hear 80% more of the sounds around them and understand 40% more speech in noise.

ReSound LiNX 3D will be available in technology levels 5,7 and 9, allowing you to select the right level of technology to best meet your client’s needs. Superior and natural sound quality is achieved through ReSound’s Surround Sound technologies. Warp processing mimics the way sound is processed in the cochlea, providing good resolution across all frequencies, and low processing delay.

Another underlying technology in Surround Sound by ReSound is Split Band Directionality. This method of processing low frequencies in omnidirectional mode and high frequencies in directional mode replicates the directional pattern of the open ear, and maintains great sound quality by removing the issue of low frequency roll off.  The wearer also obtains directional benefit without removing the sense of the environment around them.

With the launch of ReSound LiNX 3D we are introducing Binaural Directionality III. This feature incorporates the binaural microphone steering strategies of its two previous versions, including an adapting asymmetric directionality mode, and the localisation benefits of Spatial Sense.

This new version has been further optimised to provide increased focus on front facing sounds when required, and also an improved awareness of surrounding sounds. This allows the user to have an improved listening abilities in demanding listening situations, without being cut off from their environment.

Noise Tracker II Per Environment and Environmental Optimizer II make automatic adjustments to aid clarity and comfort for the wearer without manual volume control or program changes.

The new ReSound LiNX 3D comes in a full range of style options, including RIE, BTE and customs, as with its predecessor. However, you now have the option of 14 different colours to choose from, including Monza Red and Ocean Blue, for those who want to make a statement.

With the launch of this product, we are now moving onto our 5th Generation of 2.4GHz technology. This not only allows us to continue programming our wireless devices via the NoahLink Wireless, but allows for the device to form part of a full Smart hearing ecosystem, along with the full range of wireless accessories, Made for iPhone compatibility, and the Smart 3D app. This allows for further personalisation using the Smart 3D app, which has been newly designed for improved functionality and ease of use.

The new ReSound LiNX 3D will be programmed using a new version of software called ReSound Smart Fit.  As with the app, the software has been designed be more intuitive, and user friendly, allowing you to make the most of what the hearing devices have to offer.

Through a combined use of the ReSound LiNX 3D, ReSound Smart Fit software and the ReSound Smart 3D app, you can assist your clients more than ever before.

ReSound Assist allows your client to send you fine tuning requests by answering a simple questionnaire within the app. You can then make adjustments to the client’s devices via the ReSound Smart Fit software, and send them new settings personalised to their needs. This all takes place over a secure cloud based system, giving you the opportunity to help your clients while they are going about their daily lives.
With ReSound LiNX 3D you have all the tools readily available to provide your clients with a full smart hearing system, personalised to meet their needs.

If you have any questions about the new ReSound LiNX 3D, or would like to request some training for your clinic please contact your local Area Manager/Product Specialist who will be happy to help.

Lisa McBride 
ReSound, Product Specialist NSW/ACT  

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