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With the launch of ReSound LiNX 3D hearing aids, we have introduced a new and exciting app to enhance your client’s hearing experience. The ReSound Smart 3D app gives your client full control of their hearing aids, including remote fine tuning capabilities. The first time your client uses the app they will be asked for their consent. Simple on-screen instructions will then walk them through the basic app features.

New and less experienced users will benefit from motivational tips which encourage them to wear their hearing aids longer and adopt better hearing behaviours. This information is particularly helpful during the initial adaptation period after fitting. Experienced users will find the functional tips useful to help them get the most out of their new hearing aids for a better hearing experience.

The ReSound Smart 3DTM app has four main screens, all accessible from the bottom navigation menu.

The Home screen is the centre for control. From here, your client can adjust volume, mute the hearing aids, swipe left or right to change program and pull the drop box down to view all programs, streamers and favourites that are programmed in the hearing aids. They can return to the Home screen at any time by clicking the Home icon in the bottom menu.


Favourites are a great feature for someone who has made hearing aid adjustments in a particular environment that they really like. After saving the adjustments as a favourite, the next time they go into that environment they can either manually select that favourite or, if they have geotagged the favourite when saving it, the app will automatically switch the aids to the favourite setting associated with that physical location. Your clients can save up to twenty favourites!

Sound Enhancer

Sound Enhancer gives your client control over bass, middle and treble frequency adjustments, noise reduction, speech focus and wind noise reduction. Features available for adjustment in Sound Enhancer vary per program depending on how you have programmed the hearing aids.  Client control over noise reduction, speech focus and wind noise reduction is available in certain ReSound LiNX 3D 9 models. Bass, middle and treble frequency adjustments are available in all ReSound LiNX 3D 5, 7 & 9 models.


The Connectivity screen provides information about the connectivity between the smart device, hearing aids, wireless accessories and Apple Watch. Low battery warnings will also be displayed here. A red line with an exclamation mark indicates that the connection is missing or broken. When a connection is lost, tap the exclamation mark to receive guidance on how to re-establish the connection. Check that the hearing instruments are powered on, are within phone range and have enough battery charge. You can also open and close the battery door if connection is not re-established right away.


MyReSound is about your client and their hearing aids. This is where, for example, your client can request adjustments using ReSound Assist. As well all know, sometimes the hearing aid settings your client likes in the clinic perform differently in everyday life. Now, instead of your client trying to remember and explain the situation at their next clinic visit, they can ask you for help directly from their app. The ReSound Smart 3D app lets your client optimise many settings themselves, but if they experience recurring issues or need additional fine-tuning after their initial fitting, ReSound Assist can help. It may even save your client a visit to the clinic. More on this feature will follow in our next newsletter!

Find My Hearing Aid

Another feature available in the My Resound Screen is Find My Hearing Aid. This allows your client to look for their hearing aids if they have misplaced them, and offers a ‘last known location’ option if the hearing aid batteries have run low. The Learn About The App page teaches your client how to get best use out of their app. Hearing aid software updates can now be installed by the user through the app. Your client will receive an alert to update software, then the app will provide simple steps to guide them through the process.

More Menu 

The More menu is where your client can adjust general app settings and find support and legal information. This screen might be useful if the hearing instruments are not connecting to the app. It is here that you will be able to identify whether the app is in Demo mode. If it is, you will need to switch Demo mode off which will allow the ReSound Smart 3D app to connect to the hearing instruments.

Click here to view a list of smart devices which will support the ReSound Smart 3D app.

App download is free and the download process differs for Apple devices and Android devices:

For iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:

1. Go to the App Store

2. Search for “ReSound Smart 3D”

3. If you are on an iPad, change the search criteria in the top left-hand corner to iPhone only

4. Tap on Get and then Install to start downloading the app

5. Tap the ReSound Smart 3D app on your Home screen to start up your ReSound Smart 3D app

For Android devices:

1. Go to the Play Store

2. Search for “ReSound Smart 3D”

3. Tap on Install, then Accept so the app can access certain features on your phone such as Bluetooth

4. When installation is complete, tap on Open to start up your ReSound Smart 3D app

Overall, the new ReSound Smart 3D App is a great tool for any ReSound LiNX 3D wearer. It is intuitive, easy and discreet to use and provides ultimate hearing instrument personalisation and control.

Kristy Kroutz
ReSound. Product Specialist, Victoria.