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ReSound Assist - Hearing Care Wherever You Are.

Are any of these scenarios familiar?

Let’s face it, your clients don’t want their life to revolve around visits to see you, no matter how amazing you are.  ReSound AssistTM is a new solution that enables your clients to access hearing care anytime and from anywhere so that they can get on with living their lives.  It can also save you valuable time in your busy work schedule.  Here are answers to the commonly asked questions about ReSound Assist.

How does it work?

ReSound Assist is available with ReSound LiNX 3DTM products.  Your client can send you an assistance request using their ReSound Smart 3DTM app.  It steps them through a questionnaire which drills down to get very specific information about the reason they’re requesting assistance.  They can also add in some free text to send you a personalised message.


You will then receive a notification on your computer’s task bar that an assistance request is waiting.  You can click into the notification to see the questionnaire and then open up the ReSound Smart Fit software to make appropriate adjustments. At the end, when you save the settings, you send these settings back to your client via the cloud with one simple click.

Your client will then receive a notification that they have new settings waiting and the ReSound Smart 3D app will guide them through a simple, 1 minute process to upload the new settings into their hearing aids.

That’s it!

What’s new? Other manufacturers offer remote adjustments.

Maybe so, but not like ReSound does. The difference with ReSound Assist is that when you receive an assistance request, you can open up the whole Smart Fit fitting software and make adjustments just the same as you could if your client was sitting in your office.  You can add or remove or reorder programs, adjust gain or MPO or change advanced feature settings.  You can even review the datalogging information. The only thing you can’t do is run the feedback manager or do an in situ audiogram (because these need the controlled quiet clinic environment to work properly). Plus, your adjusted settings save as a session in NOAH so you can easily go back and review settings. You can also review the questionnaire attached to that session to jog your memory as to why you chose those settings.

But what if my client doesn’t like the new settings?

No problem, they can easily revert back to the previous settings using the ReSound Smart 3D app.

Hold on, what if I am bombarded by requests? 

Each client has a limit of 5 requests. Once they reach this, they can’t send any more until you have reviewed and cleared previous requests. So don’t worry, you won’t arrive at work one day to find 100 requests from the same client.

How am I going to fit this into my day? 

Well, you’re going to have to think about how this fits into your schedule, but the thing to bear in mind is that if your client wasn’t requesting assistance remotely, they’d be requesting 15-30 minutes of your time in your office. Think about how much of these fine tuning appointments is spent doing things other than fine tuning. What would have taken you 15-30 minutes in your office is more likely to take you 5-10 minutes using Remote Assist.  It’s a time saver for you too.

Will my clients be expecting me to respond to their requests in the evening and on weekends?

When clients send their assistance request, they will receive a message confirming that the request has been received. You set up the contents of this message for your business in your GN Online Services account and every client will receive this automated response.  This lets you set expectations in terms of how soon they will receive their new settings. 

You might choose something like this:

Thank you for your request.  Superior Hearing Aid Clinic responds to requests within 2 working days”

Or something like this:

“Thank you for your request.  I am currently attending a conference and will respond to your request upon my return on 5th February”.

Can I charge for remote adjustments?

For your private clients, it’s up to you to decide how you can work this into your business model and billing practices. You could include unlimited remote adjustments as part of the hearing aid package, you could include a certain number of remote adjustments as part of the package and then charge for any in excess of this number or you could charge for each remote fine tuning session. There is no OHS claim for remote adjustments.

 I don’t want to offer ReSound Assist for all of my clients.  Does that mean I can’t fit them with ReSound LiNX 3D?

Not at all. ReSound Assist is something you have to activate for an individual client if you want to offer it to them. If you don’t won’t to offer it to any clients, or to specific clients, just don’t activate it in the fitting session. Your client can still get all of the other great benefits of ReSound LiNX 3D.

 But what about that older client who needs her daughter to bring her to appointments?  Will she be able to use the Smart 3D app to submit an assistance request?

Don’t ask me. Ask her. Age is not necessarily a barrier to using technology. But let’s say she doesn’t have a Smart Phone or iPad; try thinking outside the box. Perhaps her daughter could install the ReSound Smart 3D app on her own phone and when she goes to visit her mum on the weekend they can talk about how the hearing aids are performing.  If they need adjustment she could go through the questionnaire with her mum and submit an assistance request on her behalf. Then the following weekend when she visits her mum, she should have the new settings on her phone ready to download and she can do this for her mum.

Doesn’t this take away the personal factor from my services?

ReSound Assist is doesn’t have to take the place of in-clinic follow-up appointments or personal phone calls. It’s just another way for your client to interact with you and access convenient, timely access to your expertise with or without remote hearing aid adjustments. 

Perhaps your client sends through a remote assistance request the day after being fitted with hearing aids for the first time to say the aids sound tinny. This is a great opportunity for you to either pick up the phone and counsel on acclimatisation, or send them a similar message via ReSound Assist. This could be the difference between your client persisting with the devices or putting them back in the box and returning them without having really tried. 

For your busy clients who have difficulty finding time to get to your office, it could be the difference between them receiving and using simple fine-tuned settings and them putting their hearing aids in the drawer for weeks until they can see you next.

How do I get started?

In order to use ReSound Assist you will first need to register for GN Online Services. If you would like assistance with this or would like to find out more about ReSound Assist, please contact your ReSound Area Manager or Product Specialist.