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Allister Daly - General Manager GN ReSound
​Welcome to our mid-year newsletter. We get fantastic feedback about this publication and so I hope you continue to find the content of interest and value to you.

At the mid-year point we, like many organisations, take the opportunity to reflect on how we are going so far in the year, and what needs to change in order for us to reach our goals by the end of the year. One of our goals is to become the easiest supplier to do business with. This is a big goal and we have broken it down to a number of key areas for focus. Areas like how we support you, ​how easy it is to place an order, how reliable we are at delivering what you ordered, how good we are at putting things right when they go wrong, how good we are at helping you in your day to day work or business.
Because we believe being able to support our customers is critically important to your and our success, at ReSound and Otometrics we are continually looking at ways to improve how you are able to interact with us and get easy access to support. So during the course of the last few months we have increased the number of Audiologists, we now have 10 across our ANZ organisation, all available to assist you in your day to day work with your customers. We have increased our technical support team so we now have 4 across our
​ANZ team.

​Every time we introduce new product we review our order forms to try and make them easy to use and understand. One of our biggest sources of errors is our customers mistakenly ordering something they weren’t expecting and then thinking we’ve made the wrong thing, so making order forms more intuitive helps you and us. Making your life as easy as possible when working with us is and continues to be our goal.
Recently we announced our Smart Hearing Alliance with Cochlear. Cochlear is the leading provider of implants in our business and ReSound is the leading provider of innovative market leading hearing technology. Neither company owns retail clinics, we don’t compete against our own customers, and so it just makes sense for us to work together. Cochlear is now using the ReSound developed wireless technology and so whenever a customer is requiring a bimodal fitting (implant on one side and hearing aid on the other) it simply provides the very best outcome for the customer to use Cochlear and ReSound devices, both streaming to the same wireless accessories, providing market bench mark setting sound quality to both ears. We are proud of the alliance and it is really starting to make traction as audiologists learn about the advantages and benefits they can deliver to their customers.
On the subject of wireless accessories, if you haven’t had the chance to review the latest products we have recently launched, please do so. The Multi Mic in particular is proving to be immensely popular with its directional microphone capability, FM system capability, drop proof technology and a price point significantly lower than anything else that resembles this level of technology (there isn’t actually because nobody has worked out how to do all of this on a 2.4GHz wireless platform yet except us!)
As always, we greatly appreciated your continued support. We continually strive to be better tomorrow to what we were today or yesterday and on that front we are working on even more good news for later in the year.