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With the ReSound LINX2 launch in April 2015, ReSound introduced the new SureFit portfolio, consisting of new receivers, thin tubes, domes and sports locks.

The portfolio continued with the launch of ReSound Enya in October 2015, based on its success. The receivers in particular became a big hit, delivering a better audiological fit, low distortion, a higher maximum output, bigger useful frequency range and exceptional sound quality.

Everyone using the SureFit portfolio on a daily basis for their ReSound fittings, would be quite accustomed to these consumables by now. But with new clinics opening regularly and new hearing care professionals starting to fit ReSound hearing instruments for the first time, we’ve noticed a spike in questions through our Technical Support line, regarding the whole SureFit portfolio over the past few months. And since the portfolio has been around for a while now, we saw this as an excellent opportunity to give you a nice recap on the components of the SureFit portfolio.

One of the most challenging phases for the design process when creating new receivers is meeting performance, size, fit, cosmetics, and ease of use. Starting with LiNX2 our BTE and RIE designs include the SureFit system – a new, smaller design for thin tubes, receivers and domes. With their decreased size, the SureFit receivers match the smallest in industry whilst not sacrificing performance. This allows wider spread ear canal shapes and sizes to be accommodated by the SureFit portfolio.

SureFit receivers may be tiny, but they are big on listening comfort and sound quality thanks to their improved sound performance. The SureFit receiver line-up includes four output levels with one dome system. The receiver design has a 3-pin RIE connector enabling them to function with LINX2, Enya and future ranges.

  • Low Power (LP)
  • Medium Power (MP)
  • High Power (HP)
  • Encased Ultra-Power (UP)

The SureFit dome portfolio that fits all four SureFit receivers and thin tubing, allows the same domes to be compatible with standard or open-fit BTE’s as well as RIE devices. There are three critical components of wax protection when combining a SureFit receiver and dome: complete nanocoating, a wax trap in the domes, and the Cerustop wax guard in the receiver. The combination of all three components will provide your customers and their patients with the wax protection they need to guarantee a great experience with LINX2 and Enya.

  • Note that the Encased UP receiver is only available in a custom made shell, similar to an ITE shell, and is not compatible with any domes. With a maximum 2cc peak gain of 73dB for severe hearing losses, domes wouldn’t be preferable, and would not be suitable to avoid hearing aid feedback. Another important thing to note is that the receiver is not interchangeable, but built in to the mould. Please pay careful attention whilst ordering, as you won’t be able to just swap out the wire with a different length.

On top of that, the receivers were complemented with new soft and hard earmould solutions available for each of the new receivers.

Significant Improvements are noticeable with:

  • Shorter receiver/thin tube nozzle, with new domes that fit all three new receivers
  • Robustness and Reliability with iSolate Nanotech coating, covering al components of the receivers, thin tubes and domes (and all ReSound hearing aids), inside and outside.
  • Significantly smaller size as per following dimension comparison:

  • Increased output and fitting range particularly in higher frequencies are visible when comparing the frequency response of the different SureFit receivers to their legacy equivalents:

There may be instances where you prefer to better match the output levels of previous receivers (for example, if a client has been wearing Verso or LiNX products), in these cases you can use the table below to manually adjust the gain settings.

Overall, you can expect an RIE device with a SureFit receiver to have a more crisp sound than and older RIE device with a legacy receiver, with the same gain settings in Aventa. Be aware that clients may report that a SureFit receiver might sound louder, which means you can slightly decrease the gain settings in the fitting software. But overall, clients have been reporting a clearer sound quality with SureFit receivers, compared to the legacy versions.

A few things to remember with SureFit…

  • SureFit attains stronger frequency response in higher frequencies. The change in output ensures the hearing aid to achieve a better match to targets and provide patients with a cleaner, crisp sound quality.

  • Due to the 3-pin configuration these receivers are not backward compatible with older product families.

  • New receivers are easily differentiated from the previous portfolio, with their robust stainless steel look. The same goes for the SureFit domes, with their darker opaque colour for a more appealing fit.

  • Three components of wax protection: complete nanocoating, a wax trap in the domes, and the Cerustop wax guard.

  • Completely Isolate nanotech coated, inside and out, to ensure longevity, and function of the hearing aid.