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For hearing aid users, certain situations such as listening in the car, attending school or daycare, and participating in outdoor activities can be challenging. This is due to the influence of background noise, distance and reverberation. As a result, the user may experience poor speech perception and difficulty engaging in conversation, therefore resulting in reduced social interaction.

To assist the hearing aid wearer with overcoming the barriers associated with listening in noise, research has shown FM systems to be highly effective. FM systems work like small radios. There is a small radio transmitter attached to a microphone and a receiver. In an educational setting, for example, a parent or teacher wears the FM transmitter and microphone while the child wears the FM receiver. Listening to the FM transmitted signal provides an experience as if the talker was speaking from only a few inches away, despite actually being positioned across the room.

ReSound offer two discrete design-integrated FM receiver solutions compatible with the mainstream FM systems used in educational settings and in other conditions that require FM use. These are: 
FM01 - for selected RIE hearing instruments and for mini and standard BTE hearing instruments.
FM02 - for Super Power BTE hearing instruments.

ReSound also offers two DAI adaptor solutions compatible with all universal FM receivers. These are used for connection of a universal ear-level FM receiver.

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This document anticipates providing the relevant information to assist in setting up an FM compatible ReSound hearing device with the most commonly used FM systems currently within the hearing market. The main target group is for educational environments and situations which may require FM use. We sincerely hope this guide has provided a clear overview of ReSound FM setup options. If you ever have any technical issues please call Technical Support on AU: 1800 658 955 or NZ: 0800 900 126.

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