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The iPhone7 has been released and Global Headquarters at GN ReSound are working hard to ensure the latest iOS10 and iPhone7 are fully compatible with Resounds Smart hearing aids before compatibility confirmation is released.
Be Prepared:
Once we receive confirmation that the iOS10 is compatible with the ReSound Smart Aids, we recommend for everyone to update their iPhones to be running on the latest software. Typically, hearing aids will remain paired to the iPhone after updating the software. However, if connection between the iPhone and Hearing aids becomes intermittent or connection has been lost, we recommend the following
Step One:
REMOVE THE HEARING AIDS from the iPhone and then re-pair.
Un-pair: iPhone- “Settings > General > Accessibility > Hearing aids > forget device”
Re-Pair: “iPhone- Settings > General > Accessibility > Hearing aids > open/close the battery door on the aids”
Step Two:
ENSURE THE HEARING AIDS ARE UPDATED in Aventa. We advise every time the hearing aids are connected in Aventa to check if there are any updates available, similar to checking phone or computer updates. In Aventa go to “Instrument > Update instrument(s)”. If an update is required, you will need a wired connection to complete the update. Please refer to our connection guide or alternatively call our Technical Support team if you are unsure which adaptors/flex strips are required.
Step Three:
on the iPhone. In the case that updating and un-pairing the hearing aids still doesn’t fix pairing issues with the iPhone, we then recommend to reset the phones network settings.

iPhone- “Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network settings”

Resetting the network settings will reset the Bluetooth and WiFi settings on the phone so the phone will forget it was ever paired to the hearing aids. You should then be able to successfully pair the hearing aids to the iPhone (Step 1). Note- this will also wipe any WiFi passwords.
If you have any queries or issues regarding software updates or connectivity queries please contact your friendly tech support team or local area manager.
MORE information to come on the iPhone7… watch this space!!