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Resound Smart Fit 1.0.

The new fitting software, Resound Smart Fit keeps all of your favourite Aventa features. It is more intuitive, has improved adaptability and is more convenient in order to enhance the fitting experience! Let’s take a look at some common questions about the new fitting software.

I downloaded the new software, but I don’t see Aventa 3 on my NOAH bar, where is it?

Once Resound Smart FitTM is downloaded, you will only see one button on your NOAH bar, Resound Smart Fit.  Use this button whether connecting a NEW Resound LiNX 3DTM or an older product; Aventa 3 is integrated.

Can I continue to use my Airlink 2 to connect to Resound Smart Fit software?

In the software, you will see it now states Noahlink Wireless as a connection option. Airlink 2 was recently required by HIMSA and released as the Noahlink Wireless. After downloading an update, the Airlink 2 can be used as the Noahlink Wireless and will connect hearing aids to the software. If you do not update the Airlink2 prior to connecting the 1st pair of Resound LiNX 3D aids, Smart Fit will provide a notification.  When updating the Airlink 2, it will ask for the “accessory” to be plugged in; this is the Airlink 2. Disconnect the Airlink and then re-plug.

Are there any counselling tools available in the new software?

Yes! There is a new education centre that gives information about hearing loss and ear anatomy with a print option. There is even a tour of the ear! There is also the hearing loss simulator, which was available in the Aventa software.

I’m trying to pair an accessory, in the new software, where can I do this?

There are two places to pair an accessory. One place would be under the Instruments tab and the sub-tab of Accessories.  The other place is under the Fitting tab, at the bottom of the screen next to the calibration button.


I don’t see the Tinnitus Sound Generator, is it still available?

Yes it is still available. You will find it under the hamburger menu on the right side of the screen.  You can also find the Acceptance Manager, Smart Fit Guide, Connection Guide as well as many other features you would have seen in the old Aventa software.


My patient came back for the first follow up and I can’t get the hearing aids to connect to the Smart Fit software.  What is happening?

The Noahlink Wireless (Airlink 2) and mobile phones both use the 2.4 GHz Bluetooth signal to connect to the hearing aids.  If the patient has the hearing aids connected to a mobile phone, the connection needs to be disabled prior to connecting to the Noahlink Wireless. If the hearing aids are still connected to the mobile device, the software will prompt you to disable the connection by putting the mobile phone into airplane mode.


Can I install my patient’s Resound LiNX2 settings into the new Resound LiNX 3D hearing aids?

Yes. Open Smart Fit 1.0 which will guide you into Aventa 3.11. Under the tool bar on the left hand side of the screen, select the red button “Go to Smart Fit”. This will guide you to the smart launcher screen. Here select the programming interface and press connect. Once connected, the “Fitting Mismatch” screen will appear; select Use Session and continue fitting. This will transfer program and gain settings from ReSound LiNX2 to ReSound LiNX 3D.

Is there an easy way for my patients to know the functionality of the buttons on their hearing aids?

Select the appropriate button functionality for your patient by going to Fitting > Device controls > Manual Controls > Button controls

For a printable summary of the buttons, go to Summary > Patient reports

The patient summary sheet will also show a program guide, cleaning and care tips, trial period and accessory guides.

Jill Benner
ReSound, Area Manager, lower North Island & South Island NZ