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How to get back to ReSound Aventa from ReSound Smart Fit

As you may have heard, we have just launched our very exciting, innovative ReSound LiNX 3DTM range with ReSound Smart FitTM Fitting Software. This new software system features both the Smart FitTM module for ReSound LiNX 3D devices and Aventa 3.11TM module for other legacy products.

As a result of this new increased functionality, this article has been created to explain how to navigate through the 2 modules of fitting software when required. 

More specifically, this tutorial will give you the steps to:

Reset the Smart Launcher to show all products once a ReSound LiNX 3D fitting has been saved or simulated

How to manually select Legacy Fittings from Noah so that the fitting software will launch to Aventa 3.11.

How to reset Smart Launcher to show all products after a ReSound LiNX 3D fitting is simulated or saved.

Once you simulate or save a ReSound LiNX 3D hearing aid fitting, the Smart Launcher will no longer give you the option to view legacy products. Using the trashcan icon in the Smart Launcher to remove previously selected hearing aids does not bring back legacy products.

• AutoFit will allow you to view Legacy products again in the Smart Launcher.
• Once you are simulating a LiNX 3DTM fitting select AutoFit from the hamburger menu.
• The fitting software will warn you that you are about to reset all fitting data, select yes.

You will get a connection screen stating that you are unable to connect to hearing aids, select Back.

  • You will return to the Smart Launcher and have all the product options available to simulate.

Manually selecting Legacy fittings in Noah

  • After Smart Fit is installed on a computer, all ReSound fitting sessions listed in Noah will say Smart Fit 1.0 when showing saved session data.

  • You can see what hearing aids are saved in a particular session by hovering over it. You will see a pop up similar to this:

  • Once you find the session with the legacy hearing aids you want, click on it and the FSW will open directly to Aventa 3.11.

We hope this guide is a helpful reference tool and demonstrates the ease of programming both ReSound LiNX 3D and legacy hearing devices using both Aventa 3.11 and ReSound Smart Fit.   

If you ever have any technical issues please call Technical Support on 1800 658 955 (AU) or 0800 900 126 (NZ) .