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As you may have heard, we have just launched our very exciting, new age ReSound LiNX 3D range alongside the most advanced app to date, ReSound Smart 3DTM. We believe the level of personalisation ReSound Smart 3D offers the end user patient subject to their own individual requirements is second to none.

So what is Sound Enhancer? 
In a nutshell, Sound Enhancer lets you fine-tune bass, middle and treble, noise reduction, speech focus and wind noise reduction in your patients hearing device.

So why use Sound Enhancer?
Essentially, to empower patients to take control of their own hearing experience by providing solutions to their biggest pain point: moving between and optimising settings in different, challenging listening environments.

The ReSound Smart 3D app is very easy to use and quick to navigate and learn. Your patients can activate or control all the key functions from the app’s main screen with one touch.

If you need a little help hearing better in noisy restaurants or are having trouble hearing on a windy day, ReSound has a fantastic solution for you.

Sound Enhancer was first introduced with the previous generation of the ReSound LiNX2TM and was proven beneficial to the end user for superior levels of comfort in a range of different environments. Now more refined than ever, ReSound Smart 3D offers the Sound Enhancer to assist patients hear more in difficult situations, enabling them to do more and be more than you ever thought possible.

Technical aspects of Using the Sound Enhancer

  • You must have the ReSound Smart 3D app installed on your compatible handset, Click here to refer to our online compatibility guide. 
  • Hearing aids must be in the same program to use Sound Enhancer.
  • Changes made to Sound Enhancer features are active in a program until reboot (unless saved as a Favourite).
  • All adjustments available in a program are shown on the screen per program. 
  • Available in all technology levels, but Noise/Speech/Wind controls are only available in ReSound LiNX 3D 9. (Note: Only available in manual programs; i.e. not in streaming programs).
  • Sound Enhancer is not available while the acceptance manager is active. When the acceptance manager period expires, Sound Enhancer automatically becomes available.

Sound Enhancer adjustments

In General,

  • The Sound Enhancer can be accessed from the bottom of the home screen. 
  • A view of the sound enhancer with all possible features is shown. Move the sliders to interact with each feature and make adjustments. 
  • When you interact with one of the features, the screen will focus on that feature alone.
  • Tap reset to return to fitted settings.

Bass, middle and treble

In this component of the app you may increase or decrease bass, middle and treble frequencies. Adjustments are also applied to streamed sound.

Please note, if you like particular settings, you can save them as favourites. If you don’t save them, the adjustments will remain until you reboot your hearing aids.

Noise Reduction

In this feature, adjust the level of noise reduction from full awareness of surroundings to focused hearing.

Wind Noise Reduction

Adjust and reduce wind noise for maximum listening comfort in windy situations.

Speech Focus

In this feature, users can choose exactly what you listen to by adjusting the focus of the beam. When the hearing aids are set to the automatic focus, adjusting speech focus will switch them to manual setting. To return to automatic use, slide to the far right.

ReSound Smart 3D: Sound Enhancer detail

The following table has been included to reference which features of the ReSound Smart 3D app are included on default settings, and which require further adjustments to be made within the ReSound Smart Fit software.

  • Available with default settings
  • Available in manual programs per feature if:
    • Noise: Noise Tracker II is not set to Per Environment
    • Speech: Directionality set to adaptive (Autoscope or SoftSwitching)
    • Wind: Wind Guard enabled

Please note, features for left and right ears have to be the same. For speech this includes both Beamwidth and Directional mix values.

In summary, this article describes how to use the Sound Enhancer within the ReSound Smart 3D app. After following this article you will have attained valuable knowledge to pass onto your patient, enabling them to take control of their hearing experience in a vast number of environments.

Please contact your friendly ReSound Technical support team on 1800 658 955 (AU), 0800 900 126 (NZ) or email if you have any further questions.

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