GN Hear & Now



Possible Errors:
  • Not Charging.
  • Batteries do not last very long.
  • Device randomly switches off.
Possible Solutions:
  • Make sure you are using rechargeable batteries and it is charged.
  • Make sure that the battery type is set to NiMh not Alkaline.
  • Make sure that that batteries orientation are correct.
  • ​If the batteries lifetime are very low even though the batteries have been charged, replace the batteries because some of it could be defective. 

​2. Possible Errors:
  • Leakage
Possible Solutions:
  • Make sure that the batteries are fully charged.
  • Make sure that the probe is connected properly.
Make sure that the ear tips fit the patient’s ear canal.
  • Clean Patients Ear - ear canal debris blocks for good ear tip seal.
  • Clean Probe Tip.
  • Replace the wax filters. 

3. Possible Errors:
  • Device is not responding.
  • Device Error: Session does not exist.
  • Serial Port Disconnected.

Possible Solutions
  • Make sure that the device is switched on before connecting. 
  • Make sure that there are no active connection on the device before connecting. 
  • Memory in the device is probably full. 
Follow below:
1. Press Menu Button 
2. Scroll down to Manage Test Results...
3. Scroll down to Del. All Patients...

Repair device configuration. 
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