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Click on the button below to download the ReSound Aventa software.
1. Open the folder “Aventa”
​2. Right click on “Setup.exe” and select “Run as administrator.”
3. Click “OK” to select English language.
​4. InstallShield Wizard - Click “Next.”
​5. System Requirements - Click “Next.”
​6. Accept License Agreement and click “Next.”
​7. Select “Australia or New Zealand” for the Market Selection, and click “Next.”
8. Custom Setup - Click “Next.”
9. Ready to Install Program - Click “Install.”
​10. Installation complete – click “Finish.”


Possible Errors:
  • No Room Calibration Data.
  • Measured Speaker Level is unstable or volume is too low or high.
  • Device is not responding.
  • No Otoair or Bluetooth Device Found.
  • FreeFit does not power on. 
Possible Solutions:
  1. FreeFit must be off the charging station before connecting in Otosuite.
  2.   Otoair must be connected either on the Aurical 2 or on the computer.
 3.    Perform Room Calibration
  • In Otosuite, Click Tools then Click Configure Wizard.
  • Click Configure beside PMM.
               - Tick “My device is turned on and ready to be found.
               - Tick use only OTOair for device connection.
  • Click either Search or Repair then Click Next.
  • On the Sound Card Selection, set settings to:
             - Speaker Output is set to “Speakers (AURICAL Aud) Speakers
             - Headphone Output is set to “Speakers (AURICAL Aud) Counselling Headset
             - Microphone input is set to “Microphone (AURICAL Aud)
             - Speaker Channels will depend on where the red and white cables (1 cable that splits into
               are connected. To check simply look at the bottom part of the audiometer. Speaker          
               Channels are located on F below with the following configuration.
  1. Left Channel (Blue)
  2. Right Channel (Red)
  3. Centre Channel (White)
  •  Click Next, follow prompt until you Run Room Calibration.
  4.    Batteries
              - Make sure that the battery is inserted correctly in the unit.
              - Make sure you are using a rechargeable batteries not ALKALINE.
              - Make sure that the battery has been charged.
              - If the battery lifetime is very low even though the battery has been charged, replace the
​                battery because it could be defective.

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