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If any of your compatible* Apple devices have or need to be upgraded to the latest iOS 8.4, we recommend that you follow these instructions to ensure continuous stable connectivity with ReSound MFi hearing instruments.
1. Go to “Settings>General>Accessibility>Hearing Aids”.

2. Tap on the icon.

3. Tap on “Forget this device” to un-pair the hearing aids from the iPhone.

4. Return to General menu and select Reset.

5. Then select Reset Network Settings. It will ask for the 4-pin code if this security feature is          
    enabled, otherwise it will just reboot the iPhone. Please note that resetting the network settings 
    will delete WiFi passwords, but you can just re-enter it afterwards.

6. When the Apple device is back ON, go to “Settings>General>Accessibility>Hearing Aids”.

7. Open and close the battery doors of the hearings aids.

8. Once the End User’s name come up, tap on the name.

9. There should be two pairing requests that will come up. Confirm both.

10. Wait for about 60 seconds before doing anything else to allow for the Apple device to properly 
      authenticate the hearing aids.

We recommend this procedure above whenever the iOS version is upgraded.

*Apple models compatible with ReSound MFi hearing aids:
iPhone 5/5s/5c & iPhone 6/Plus
iPad Air/Air 2/4th Generation/mini 2/mini 3
iPod touch (5th Generation)