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The year 2010 was a memorable one. Apple released the iPad, NASA discovered five planets beyond our solar system and ReSound Alera products were launched around the world.

Alera was the first product to pioneer 2.4 GHz wireless technology. For us, this meant wireless fittings and direct connectivity to accessories was possible for the first time. New levels of convenience and user friendliness were also achieved.
For those familiar with ReSound, you will have seen that this technology echoes through our current portfolio completely unchanged.

However, as you might have heard, we recently said goodbye to Alera 2 in October. It’s been a fantastic product but now it’s time for something new and improved.

The team at ReSound are very excited to bring you a new era of essential products, Enya. This new range makes many exciting features available to our clients.

Enya provides the natural sound quality of WARP processing coupled with enhanced features to give you flexible fitting options and ultimate client satisfaction. It comes in three technology levels (Enya 2, Enya 3 and Enya 4) to suit all budgets and offers a full family of devices which fits 90% of hearing losses. In a nutshell, there is something for everyone in Enya.
Let me explain to you three of my favourite Enya features, and you’ll see why I love them. 


Our Unite accessories can now be accessed by Enya devices; Enya 2 has compatibility with our Unite Remote Control, and Enya 3 and Enya 4 have compatibility with the full Unite accessory range.

This compatibility is exciting as accessories provide so much versatility to hearing aid use.
​The Mini Mic can boost the speech to noise ratio by 15-20dB, the TV Streamer 2 provides natural surround sound direct to the ears and the Phone Clip+ enables hands-free mobile phone streaming and accessibility to our Control app.

The accessories are also very user-friendly because no intermediate device is needed to connect hearing aids to the accessory. They are also very easy to pair, as you can do this inside or outside the Aventa software.

This is one of my favourite features because some of the trickiest client goals can easily be achieved with a small accessory.


​That’s right, adaptive directionality is available in all Enya technology levels. This feature is particularly exciting for clients that are apprehensive about wearing hearing aids in noise (which is probably 99.8% of our clientele). The microphones adapt to have minimal sensitivity towards noise and can reduce several moving noise sources at once. This means better sound comfort and increased focus on conversation, giving us greater confidence that our client will have a comfortable listening experience when they leave the clinic. You can rest assured an advanced feature is working hard in all Enya products, so no more bated breath at follow-up appointments.


​The ReSound TSG gives us all the tools to deliver sound therapy to tinnitus sufferers. All Enya hearing aids, including custom devices, have an in-built TSG which means tinnitus treatment is available to all clients who need it. Our TSG offers a unique and automatic feature called Environmental Steering, where the TSG volume adjusts to the listening environment. Environmental Steering is particularly handy for those that experience bothersome tinnitus in quiet situations, as the TSG will be louder in quiet and softer in noise. The ReSound TSG also allows modulation, frequency cut off and volume adjustments which means treatment can be highly customised to your client.
(Picture of TSG software?)
Now that Enya is on the market, we have the potential to improve everyone’s rehabilitation outcomes. I’m sure that once you try it, you’ll love Enya just as much as I do.