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ReSound and Cochlear in their joint partnership the Smart Hearing Alliance hosted an event showcasing the latest ground-breaking audiology technology with a world first remote fine-tuning demonstration.

In 2015, ReSound and Cochlear announced a strategic alliance to develop the world’s smartest bimodal hearing solutions. Collaborating to improve the hearing outcomes for more people of all ages with moderate to profound hearing loss.

In celebrating World Hearing Day and Hearing Awareness Week, the Smart Hearing Alliance took the opportunity to raise awareness to hearing loss and showcase the world’s first live streamed bimodal remote fine-tuning.

The event was held at the Australian Hearing Hub situated on the grounds of Macquarie University, Sydney Australia. Guests included a wide range of end users, hearing care professionals and stakeholders, university students, researchers, educators and dignitaries.

Special guest speakers included: Dr John A Nelson, Vice President of Global Audiology, GN Hearing; Bimodal user Dr Peter Wolnizer, Dean of Macquarie Graduate School of Management; Jan Janssen, Chief Technology Officer, Cochlear Ltd and Andreas Anderhov, General Manager, GN Hearing Australia & New Zealand. 

The latest Smart Hearing aid for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss, ReSound ENZO 3D includes ReSound’s 5th generation 2.4GHz wireless technology and provides users the ability to use the ReSound Smart 3D app and Remote Assist functionality. These features are part of the new cloud based ecosystem providing users with ground breaking hearing care where ever they, or you their audiologist are. All with the intent of enabling hearing aid users to hear more, do more and be more than they ever thought possible.

Cochlear has recently launched the Nucleus 7, the world's first and only cochlear implant sound processor that’s Made for iPhone.  It allows the end user to connect to people they love and work with by streaming phone calls, video, music and entertainment directly to their Nucleus 7 Sound Processor.

Performing a world first in connectivity with a remote fine tune of a bimodal users hearing experience, ReSound’s new cloud-based eco-system and Cochlear’s latest sound processing technology demonstrated the true power of hearing with both ears for end user Dr Peter Wolnizer as they adjusted his hearing remotely.

Dr Peter Wolnizer had only had his Cochlear implant for six weeks and having worn hearing aids for 20 years previously, the first time experiencing ReSound technology was only two weeks prior to this event. The decision to change to ReSound came after the benefits of connectivity and bimodal were demonstrated and he saw the potential to improve his everyday hearing and lifestyle.

When responding about his dependability on connectivity, Dr Peter Wolnizer replied: “I'm completely dependent on the Bluetooth streaming technology and that is the wonderful thing about this bimodal solution through this innovative software this has been developed by GN ReSound and Cochlear - it works seamlessly and directly…"

The technology and innovation has made a huge impact on Dr Wolnizer’s life, both professionally and personally allowing him to fully enjoy all facets which would otherwise be a world of complete silence.

"I can't tell you how profoundly grateful I am to Cochlear and GN ReSound for developing these amazing technologies because without them frankly, I would live in a silent world. I couldn't work or engage professionally, travel alone and I travel a lot, and certainly, my enjoyment of social interaction and wonderful family life would be diminished. It has given me my life in many ways."

"I would say to anybody who is hearing impaired that is resisting getting a hearing aid - don't resist a minute longer - it gave me a life I wouldn’t otherwise of had."     

For those of you who were not able to attend or tune in to our world first event, please click the links below to enjoy the live stream of the entire event and highlights video so you too can be part of the future in Hearing.